Return gifts for wedding, kids birthday and anniversary
Return gifts for wedding, kids birthday and anniversary
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6 Wedding return gifts mistakes to avoid

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Return gift for weddings

Wedding return gifts are important and they are becoming more popular even at Indian weddings. And with good reason, after all your wedding guests celebrate and support you on the biggest day of your life. Many of them travel great distances to be there on your special day. So, it’s only appropriate to give a token of your appreciation on the day of your wedding. But did you know that at some weddings couples make simple mistakes that can cause these charming gifts to be missed or left at tables altogether?

Here’s a list of simple mistakes that should be avoided to ensure your wedding guests leave the wedding with their return gifts and a smile on their faces:

1. Choosing a cheap wedding return gift

Yes some wedding return gifts can be expensive. However, don’t fall victim of buying a cheap gift for the sake of having something. A gift that guests will never use, keep, or remember isn’t worth anything. Instead if you can’t spend a lot on wedding return gifts it’s much better to make something at home that’s inexpensive – yet heartfelt – like a batch of cookies. You can pack them in cute personalized bags and your wedding guests will appreciate them a lot more than something store bought.

2. Choosing a gift that has no meaning

You should always choose a wedding return gift that tells guests something about your unique story. For instance, a personalized chocolate box that has a picture of the bride and groom makes a great return gift. It will instantly connect the guest to your wedding and to the lovely time that they had there.

3. Poorly Packaged return gifts

The simplest return gift can be made special with some innovative packaging. Similarly, an expensive or more elaborate gift can lose its sheen with poor packaging or none altogether. If you’re giving a return gift that’s store-bought, put your own personalized spin on it by adding a little handmade charm. Add your own ribbon, wedding tag, or label to make it your own.

4.Choosing a complicated wedding return gift you create yourself

There are so many adorable ideas available on social media for wedding return gifts that you can make yourself. It is easy to get carried away but you have to remember to choose wisely. Picking up a complicated gift and creating it for 200 people is not an easy task! And of course this will be in addition to all the other tasks you have to complete as a bride or a groom. So pick carefully.

5. Choosing a gift that is confusing

 It is not a good idea to make the guests guess what the gift is. For instance, if giving you are giving a set of tea bags, include a label with the ingredients (particularly for allergies) along with the directions on how to use them. You’d be surprised how many guests look at tiny treats with a puzzled look because they’re not sure what’s in it.

6. Not having enough return gifts for everyone

 This can be particularly embarrassing. Although you will no doubt have enough return gifts for every guest that you know of, some may show up unexpectedly. Also sometimes they might find the gift so appealing that they pick up two! It is always a good idea to have some extra. In fact keep one for yourself as a souvenir of your wedding day!