Return gifts for wedding, kids birthday and anniversary
Return gifts for wedding, kids birthday and anniversary
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Return Gift Ideas for a First Birthday Party

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First birthday return gifts

A first birthday party is a very important celebration. Most families celebrate a child’s first birthday by inviting family and friends. It is only right to show your appreciation by giving them a beautiful return gift. You might have to assemble a range of different gifts because there are going to be people of all age groups at your baby’s first birthday party. Return gifts can be simple or lavish, depending on the time, budget and creativity you want to put into them and they also be made according to your party theme.

Return Gifts for babies and other smaller children

You should always think safety first when choosing a return gift for infants and toddlers. Small toys or gifts that have small parts that break away can be a choking hazards for these small children. It is a good idea to guy gifts that the babies can use, such as picture books or finger puppets. Stuffed toys are also a safe bet and something infants and toddlers will enjoy. Simple snacks, such as bite-sized crackers or cereal, can be presented in a decorative bag.

Return Gifts for Older Children

For older children who might be siblings or cousins you can plan more elaborate return gifts, for example a small goody bag filled with stickers, pencils and a coloring book. Small activity books can keep the children occupied. Another good idea can be a compact stationery set that has a set of pencils, sharpeners and erasers. Kids are always running out of school supplies. You can also choose return gifts according to the theme of the party for older children. For example at a princess party you can give out tiaras and ribbons.

Return Gifts for Adults

Most adults at your child’s first birthday party will be family members such as grandparents or aunts and uncles. It makes more sense to have a more personal and meaningful return gift for them. You can give out a small keepsake photo of the baby to the family members. Any gift can be given a more personal touch. You can add the baby’s handprint or footprint on a thank you note to be given along with the return gift. Another idea could be to take the baby’s picture with family members and send them these photographs after putting them in a beautiful frame. This way your baby’s first birthday will become one of their favourite memories that they can revisit any time.

Personalized Return Gifts

However you may be stressed for time and not really have the budget to choose different return gifts for different age groups. In that case you can always choose personalized return gift for a first birthday. You can give out cookies in the shape of the number “1” or decorated with an edible picture of the baby. Another idea can be chocolate bars with wrappers depicting your child’s photo, name and a birthday message.

Important things to keep in mind

Keep the return gifts in a secure place where the children won’t accidentally find them or you will find yourself running short! It is also a good idea to keep some extra gifts at hand so that you are not caught in an embarrassing situation in case a few extra people show up.

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