Return gifts for wedding, kids birthday and anniversary
Return gifts for wedding, kids birthday and anniversary
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The worst birthday return gifts you can give at your child’s birthday party (for parents)

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Children love going to birthday parties. An invitation gets them all excited and on the day of the party they can hardly wait. But what gets them really excited are the return gifts they receive at the end of the party. Unfortunately some of these return gifts don’t cause the same excitement in the parents. Here’s a list of birthday return gifts that are best avoided for small children at least. Please keep in mind that the gifts themselves are not bad it’s just most small children cannot handle them

A Harmonica/whistle/noise maker

All small children are delighted with the sounds these gifts make. Unfortunately they just don’t stop making these sounds and frequently drive the parents crazy! A 4 year old with a whistle is a real terror and sometime the only solution is to hide the whistle. So it’s a good idea to avoid these when you are choosing return gifts.

 Modeling clay

Most clay sets have a recommended age of 3 years plus and with good reason. Younger kids manage to get this clay everywhere. It gets smooshed into their clothes, their bedsheets, and their hair and there is a good chance that at least some of the clay will land up in their mouths too. Avoid this gift for small kids and you will earn a big thank you from their parents.

 Chewing Gum

The misadventures of small children with chewing gum are legendary. The biggest problem is that they cannot differentiate gum from other candy and are very likely to swallow it. If they do take it out then we are dealing with sticky strands of gum that they are delighted to put everywhere. Moms and dads are likely to find chewing gum stuck in the most unexpected places in the house. The biggest danger is getting chewing gum entangled in hair. So it’s best not to include chewing gum in a birthday return gift for 3 year olds.

 Sketch pens/Markers

Whether they have started school or not all little children love to write and draw. The problem they have no problems writing on any available surface whether it is the bedroom wall or the table cloth. Sketch pens or markers are a big problem because it is virtually impossible to get their stains out from clothes. In fact it’s a big challenge to clean up the kids themselves. They are just as likely to draw or write on themselves! And although a lot of the packaging will say the markers are washable sometimes it doesn’t happen in practice.

These are just some of the return gifts that you should avoid for small children. While choosing return gifts for children it is important to ensure that they are able to use and enjoy the gifts. So the next time you plan your child’s birthday party make sure the return gifts that you choose are age appropriate and fun for children. There are many options available to choose from.

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