Return gifts for wedding, kids birthday and anniversary
Return gifts for wedding, kids birthday and anniversary
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Unique Ideas for a 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

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50th marriage anniversary invitation gifts

Are your parents or in-laws about to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary? Consider yourself lucky! Very few couples get to celebrate such a beautiful milestone in their lives. The 50th anniversary is also known as a golden anniversary and in this article we are going to discuss varius party ideas to make this celebration all the more special

Use Old Photos in Your Invitations

Using old photos of the couple on their wedding day is a fun way to get friends and family excited about the anniversary party.  It will also add a touch of nostalgia for children of the couple and close family members. You can also build on this by using your photographs as part of the decorations in the party.

Get Creative with Gold Decorations

Gold decorations are most fitting for a golden anniversary. There are a lot of sparkly gold ornaments available to purchase and you can decorate the venue with them. You can also use edible glitter on cakes, chocolates and other treats to lend a special touch.

Get nostalgic by playing music from their era

This is sure to be a beautiful surprise for the couple. Arrange to have music played that was popular at the time that they got married and they are sure to be very very happy. Arrange an area in the venue where the couple can dance to their song. Friends and family may join in or simply sit back and let the couple have the spotlight.

Create a Gold Candy Buffet

A major trend for wedding anniversary celebrations is a themed treat. You can have candy or chocolates wrapped in gold foil and displayed in clear glass jars and bowls of different heights and sizes. Liven up this display even further with displaying photographs of the couple’s life together in golden frames of course. Another interesting idea could be arranging photos of the couple, their children, and grandchildren into the shape of a 50 and placing it on a wall for party guests to admire. You can even take pictures in front of this display to create new memories!

Personalized return gifts for the guests

A 50th wedding anniversary is indeed a landmark celebration and it would not be complete without some beautiful return gifts for the guests. There are many options available for return gifts but to lend a special touch consider giving a personalized gift. You can give them a set of wine glasses marked with the date of the celebration. A personalized chocolate gift box can also be a great idea as chocolate is something everybody enjoys. Consider having the gift box personalized with a photo of the couple or maybe the date of the celebration. These days you also have the option of printing directly on chocolates.

These are just some ideas to make a 50th wedding anniversary celebration. It is up to you to adapt them to your own party. But it’s always good to remember that the best part of any such celebration is being there with the people you love. So don’t get so caught up in the planning that you forget to have a good time!

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