Return gifts for wedding, kids birthday and anniversary
Return gifts for wedding, kids birthday and anniversary
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Best Return Gifts for a 50th Wedding anniversary

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return gifts for 50th anniversary

A couple who celebrates a 50th wedding anniversary has traversed a long journey together and reached this beautiful milestone. That is the reason it is also known as a golden anniversary.  It is an occasion worth celebrating and we have come up with a list of return gift ideas that are sure to delight the guests that come to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

Golden 50th Anniversary Candles

The flame of love will continue to shine brightly with beautiful golden candles. They are a perfect way to celebrate your love.  Scented candles are also a very popular gift item these days and you can choose them for the guests at your party. In fact they can be given to the guests and also be used during the party. For a special touch add a customized label or tag to the wrapping or packaging.

Golden Photo Frame

A photo frame can also be a great return gift for a 50th anniversary celebration allowing friends and family to save a favorite photo of their own. You will help them capture a beautiful memory of their own. You can also put a twist on this and gift them an elegant photo of the couple being celebrated. This is sure to touch the hearts of close family members and children of the couple. When you wrap up these presents to give to your guests don’t forget to use golden wrapping paper.

Gold 50th Anniversary Design Bottle Openers

Stylish and swanky these specially designed gold bottle openers will make a wonderful return gift for the guests at your 50th birthday party. It’s always good to choose a gift that has some practical for your guests as they are likely to remember you every time that they use them. Pretty and practical, these gold bottle openers will help you celebrate 50 years in style. In fact they will ensure that your wedding guests remember and thank you every time they have a celebration of your own.

Gold 50th Anniversary Design Bookmark

You yourself have written a long and beautiful book of love and life. Now you can remind your guests of this every time they pick up their favourite book to read. Bookmarks make for thoughtful wedding anniversary return gifts. You can get them customized too for a special touch. Add a beautiful picture. Or if you want it to be humorous you can add a funny saying or quote about marriage. Or simply choose to write your thank you note to the guest on the book mark. It is sure to be something that surprises and delight your guests.

These are just some of the return gift ideas that you can use for a 50th wedding anniversary celebration. But there are many more options that you can explore. However, no matter what return  gift you choose there are a few things you should always keep in mind. Make sure the gifts are taken to the venue and placed in a safe secure place. It is also a good idea to keep some extra gifts at hand in case a few extra people show up unexpectedly!



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